Sea Wolves

Meet Rare Sea Wolves Who Live Off The Ocean And Can Swim For Hours

In the rugged wilderness of British Columbia’s Pacific coast, an extraordinary population of sea wolves thrives. These wolves, as Ian McAllister, a seasoned researcher, explains, are not only genetically distinct but also behave differently from their mainland relatives. They swim between islands, hunting sea creatures for their meals. McAllister, a renowned photographer, has been studying…

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Greenland shark

Researchers have determined that a Greenland shark, whose age is estimated to be 400 years, likely had its birth around 1620.

Incredible Discovery: Scientists Find 400-Year-Old Shark! Researchers recently made an astonishing discovery about Greenland sharks, uncovering their remarkable longevity. These incredible creatures, dwelling in the cold depths of the North Atlantic, have been found to live up to an astonishing 400 years! The Study: How Did They Find Out? A team of scientists, led by…

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“People Think I’m Still In My 20s” 63-Year-Old Mom Shares Secret to Looking Younger Every Year

Meet Gym Tan, a 63-year-old mom from Singapore who’s got a secret to staying youthful that’s simpler than you think. With over 247,000 followers on TikTok, Gym, a fitness enthusiast, recently celebrated her 63rd birthday and shared her wisdom on looking and feeling young. #1 In a stylish black dress and vibrant jewelry, Gym believes…

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