“63-Year-Old Mom Reveals Secrets to Youthful Looks”


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to defy aging? Meet Gym Tan, a 63-year-old mom from Singapore who’s capturing attention on TikTok with her youthful appearance and positive attitude. With over 247,000 followers, Gym Tan recently celebrated her 63rd birthday with a special message about staying young.



Gym Tan, also known as @californiaistoocasual on TikTok, believes that staying young is simpler than we think. She says, “Age is just a number. Focus on what makes you happy and feel good.” She emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people who care about you.


Originally from Singapore, Gym Tan spent many years in the clothing business, eventually moving to California with her family. She was surprised by the casual fashion scene in the California Bay Area, which inspired her TikTok handle.



Gym Tan’s TikTok is filled with motivational videos encouraging viewers to take care of themselves and stay active. She went viral a couple of years ago with a video of herself jogging, proving that age is just a number and life can get better with time.



So, what’s her secret to looking younger every year? Gym Tan believes it’s all about staying positive, doing what makes you happy, and surrounding yourself with supportive people. As she says, “Life gets better, and style has no age.”

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