This Dog Got A Second Chance At Life

Meet Orlando, a Spanish rescue dog who overcame tough times to find happiness in the UK. He was once a hungry and scared street dog in Spain, but thanks to kind people and rescue organizations, his life changed for the better. More info: | Instagram | Facebook #1 Orlando’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by many dogs…

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Greenland shark

Researchers have determined that a Greenland shark, whose age is estimated to be 400 years, likely had its birth around 1620.

Incredible Discovery: Scientists Find 400-Year-Old Shark! Researchers recently made an astonishing discovery about Greenland sharks, uncovering their remarkable longevity. These incredible creatures, dwelling in the cold depths of the North Atlantic, have been found to live up to an astonishing 400 years! The Study: How Did They Find Out? A team of scientists, led by…

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