This Rare ‘Magic Rabbit’ Was Sighted For The First Time In 20 Years And It May Soon Be Lost Forever

Ili Pika

Get ready to meet the Ili Pika, a special creature that’s both incredibly rare and in danger of disappearing forever. These cute animals, kind of like teddy bears, are called Ili Pikas. They live in China, but there are very few left – maybe less than 1,000! The last time someone saw one was 20 years ago!

The Ili Pika was first found in 1983 in China’s Tianshian mountains. Since then, their numbers have dropped a lot – by about 70%! They’re distant cousins of rabbits, but scientists don’t know much about them because they’re so rare.

Li Weidong, who found them, is worried. He feels responsible because he watched as they became endangered. He calls them ‘magic rabbits.’ Sadly, they might be disappearing because of global warming.

It’s sad to think we might lose such a special creature forever

More info: CNN (h/t: dailymail)


Ili Pika


Ili Pika



Ili Pika

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