16 Funny “Who Wore It Better?” Pictures That Will Make You Laugh


Have you ever noticed how random things can be? It’s like the world has a sense of humor, throwing surprises our way when we least expect them. Sometimes, things line up so perfectly that it’s hard not to laugh.

We’ve gathered some hilarious “Who Wore It Better?” photos that show just how unpredictable life can be. These pictures will have you giggling and maybe even obsessing over them for a while!

#1 Kim Kardashian Or This Onion Bag?

#2 Lady Gaga Or This Patio Heater?

#3 Donald Trump Or This Ear Of Corn?

#4 Justin Bieber Or This Baby?

#5 Highlighter Marker Or This Teacher?

#6 Heidi Klum Or A Car Wash Brush?

#7 Grandma Or The Carpet?

#8 Kim Kardashian Or Danny Devito As A Penguin?

#9 This Woman Or This Hotel’s Corridor?

#10 Justin Timberlake Or These Ramen Noodles?

#11 A Boy Or This Fire Hydrant?

#12 This Lady Or A Caterpillar?

#13 A High Fashion Model Or This Homeless Guy?

#14 Mom And Daughter In Their Fancy Dresses Or This Cat?

#15 This Guy Or A Tissue Box?

#16 Rihanna Or This Shower Sponge?

Source Credit Boredpanda

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