72-Year-Old Man Graduates College with 99-Year-Old Mom in Attendance


Meet Sam Kaplan, a remarkable 72-year-old who just graduated from college. What makes his story even more special? His 99-year-old mom cheered him on at the ceremony!

Sam took a different path than most. He finished high school way back in 1969 and then lived a full life before deciding to go back to school at 68. During those years, he became a father of five, ran businesses like a cleaning service and a telemarketing company, and even worked part-time as a taxi driver. But something drew him back to the classroom—his passion for script writing.

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He enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College to pursue a degree in Cinema and Media Arts. It wasn’t easy. Sam had to adjust to studying alongside much younger students. But he found common ground by talking about their dreams and goals. He even formed good friendships, receiving hugs from many classmates on the last day of classes.

Georgia Gwinnett College

The big day finally arrived on May 11 {last year}, when Sam proudly walked across the stage to receive his diploma. And there, in the audience, was his mom, beaming with pride. This was a special moment not just for Sam but for his whole family. He’s the first among his siblings to earn a college degree.

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Now, Sam is ready for new adventures and challenges. His journey proves that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Congratulations, Sam Kaplan, on this amazing achievement!

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