baby with birthmark

“Parents Help Their Daughter Get Rid of Birthmark Because People Stared at Her”

Meet Vienna Shaw, a brave two-year-old who recently said goodbye to a rare birthmark on her forehead. Her mom, Celine Casey, shared their journey of overcoming obstacles to ensure Vienna’s happiness. photo credit viennarosebrookshaw / Instagram, viennarosebrookshaw / Instagram, Celine Casey / Facebook #1 Vienna was born with a special birthmark called congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), which is…

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Heartwarming Story: Couple Married for 75 Years Pass Away Holding Each Other’s Hands

Alexander and Jeanette Toczko, a sweet elderly couple from California, who were married for a remarkable 75 years, recently left this world within hours of each other while holding hands. Their beautiful love story, which lasted almost 80 years, touched many hearts. Alexander, aged 95, and Jeanette, also 95, started their love journey when they…

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