The ‘Queen of Elephants’ is captured in her final photographs by a photographer


Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas had an incredible encounter with the famous ‘Queen of Elephants’ in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. This remarkable elephant, known as F MU1, was in her final years of life when Burrard-Lucas captured her on camera.



Burrard-Lucas was working on a project with the Tsavo Trust, aiming to photograph elephants in the park. During his research, he came across F MU1, who was beloved for her gentle nature and stunning appearance.

After searching for several days, they finally found her. Burrard-Lucas describes the moment when she emerged from the foliage, majestic despite her age and frailty. They spent the whole day with her, witnessing her grace and strength as she led them to her favorite watering hole.




Each photograph captured the queen’s true beauty and resilience against the challenges of poaching, droughts, and other dangers. Sadly, she passed away just weeks after these photos were taken, leaving behind a legacy preserved in Burrard-Lucas’s images.

The book “Land of Giants,” featuring these photographs, celebrates the incredible elephants of Tsavo National Park. It is a tribute to the hard work of organizations like the Tsavo Trust and Kenyan Wildlife Services in protecting these magnificent creatures.



Burrard-Lucas reflects on his rare encounter with F MU1, describing it as a privilege to photograph such a remarkable animal. The resulting book is a testament to her enduring presence and the importance of preserving wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

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