Cher Says She’ll Have Long Hair and Wear Jeans Even When She’s 80


Cher, the iconic singer, reveals her timeless style secrets and youthful mindset in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Despite nearing 80, she plans to stick to her signature look: long hair and jeans. This rebel attitude has defined Cher’s career, challenging society’s norms about aging and appearance.

h/t: [People]

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In the interview, Cher expresses disbelief at her approaching 80s but insists she’ll continue rocking her favorite fashion choices. She reminisces with her friend about the old expectation for women to cut their hair and ditch jeans as they aged, but Cher refuses to conform to these outdated standards. With longevity in her genes—her mother lived to 96—Cher feels confident in maintaining her youthful appearance.

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Cher credits her youthful appearance to a mix of lifestyle habits. She practices yoga and avoids red meats, but she believes that feeling young comes from within. Keeping up with trends and surrounding herself with friends of all ages keeps her spirit vibrant.

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Her message is clear: she’s not chasing youth; she’s embracing who she is and living life to the fullest. Cher’s story inspires women of all ages to defy societal expectations and stay true to themselves, proving that age is just a number.

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